Logi-tek (UK) support Rise Futures with a “gift of opportunity”

We are delighted to share with you that we will be supporting, UK based charity Rise Futures with their mission to help vulnerable young people reach their full potential, realise their self-worth and flourish in all that they do.

During walking month in May 2021, Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia took part in an internal charity walk, taking “steps towards a better future” to raise money for charity.

We donated £5 for every 10,000 steps taken by our team and the Rise Futures mentors throughout the entire month, which totalled £3,106. We were overwhelmed by the efforts of everyone who took part so topped this sum up to £5,880, which Rise Futures tells us is the value at which their intervention demonstrably “changes a person’s life”.

We have since been working closely with Rise Futures lead, Sarah Hunter and Rise Futures mentor Emma White who in turn have been working closely with the City of London local authority and social workers to establish the most effective and impactful way to invest the money raised. Rise Futures come up with a wonderful idea they’ve titled “gift of opportunity”, whereby a “gift” is given to the young people within the care system across the City of London on a birthday, for Christmas or just because.

Why is the “gift of opportunity” needed?

– To improve the mental health and self-worth of individuals touched by the care system.
– To encourage young people into holistic hobbies that are affordable and social.
– To prepare and teach the young person the value of giving gifts.
– To make transition of leaving the care system more bearable.
– To support young people to follow wellbeing activities.
– To share joy and care throughout our society.

Rise Mentor Emma White said, “Most children in care feel they have been forgotten. Dreams soon fade away, as they lose all hope of getting those boots to make them the next Ronaldo. The chances of owning a guitar let along having a music lesson are too slim to even consider. Birthdays and Christmas are meant to be a happy time, yet for them, it can be a time of sorrow and disappointment. No presents, no company. I think we take for granted of the power of a gift.”

We are thrilled to be partnered with the incredible mentors at Rise Futures on this campaign and are humbled by the impact they anticipate the “gift of opportunity” having.

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Germany is open for business

We are delighted to share with you that in response customer demand, we have established a new subsidiary in Germany, enabling us to deliver best in class solutions across the EU post-Brexit.

Our EMEA business is focused on delivering highly efficient built environments to create productive buildings and places for people and businesses to realise their full potential across the region.

“The decision to further expand our presence in Germany was Brexit related but it was always in our business growth strategy.” said Kevin Fletcher, EMEA Managing Director, “The German market is very important to our expansion plans in Europe, opening this new hub amplifies our commitment to further expanding staffing and service capabilities”.

The German office along with our Dutch subsidiary will enable us to support clients and prospective clients with substantial projects in the country and in other EU countries.

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Objectives & Key Results with 15Five

We are delighted to announce that we have recently introduced a new goal-setting framework called Objectives and Key Results (OKR) across Logi-tek (UK). This framework is supported by a platform called 15Five and a pilot phase began in Q3 2021.

The goal-setting framework allows businesses to align and achieve targeted objectives and has been adopted globally, from small start-ups to internationally recognised businesses such as Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, and Twitter to name a few.

There are various platforms that support the OKR framework, but we chose to use 15Five. The check-in feature gives everyone in our team a voice and allows our managers to support their teams throughout each period. The platform enhances collaboration and innovation in our goal setting processes and provides transparency, accountability, and quality assurance.

15Five will also play host to our brand-new feedback, review, and recognition process where our team can empower and be empowered.

15Five gets its name from the habit its tools encourage: setting aside 15 minutes each week to write reports and five minutes to read them.

The purpose of introducing the OKR framework is to “measure what matters”. The framework allows us to focus and commit priorities by aligning and connecting teams, setting challenging, ambitious goals, and tracking progress. Encouraging and motivating everyone in the business to excel by doing more than we’d thought possible.

When asked, Operations Director EMEA, Remi Portes said, ” ‘Measure what matters’, is a book that I now recommend to anyone that wants to create a structured strategic planning system. Since our “pilot phase” was rolled out, I’ve seen more focus on what matters and in parallel, a refocusing in cases where we were falling behind. I’m now looking forward to rolling this out across the entire business and to watch our team collaborate, grow and support each other to achieve theirs, and our goals”.

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The Netherlands is open for business

We are delighted to share with you that in response customer demand, we have established a new subsidiary in The Netherlands, enabling us to deliver best in class solutions across the EU post-Brexit.

Our EMEA business is focused on delivering highly efficient built environments to create productive buildings and places for people and businesses to realise their full potential across the region.

“The decision to further expand our presence in The Netherlands was Brexit related but it was always in our business growth strategy.” said Kevin Fletcher, EMEA Managing Director, “The Netherlands market has emerged rapidly in recent years, and we see the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities in our professional services”.

Establishing a presence in The Netherlands was built on the success and footprint we have worked hard evolving over the past few years. The Netherlands office will enable us to support clients and prospective clients with substantial projects in the country and in other EU countries.

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National walking month progress report

We are delighted to report that throughout #NationalWalkingMonth Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia walked over 23 million steps for two amazing charities, circa 18,000 KM.

Here’s what the charities had to say:

Sarah Hunter, Rise Futures Development Lead “Stepping to make a difference has allowed us to explore the power of community and shown the impact we can all make when we come together. We thank Logi-tek and Commtech Asia for allowing us to be a part of this challenge and their community. We are looking to using the resources this challenge has provided to change the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people in the city of London.”

Engineers Without Borders, Hong Kong said; “Today’s university students will work both locally and globally and be tasked with providing technological solutions, embedding UN Sustainable Development Goals to global development problems and challenges. With the support of this Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia, EWB-HK’s Global Citizenship Programme provides a platform for our future Leaders and Change Makers to serve society proactively as global citizens. The support enables the EWB-HK Global Citizenship Program to provide both workshops and hands-on Community Services activities to fill the gaps in their theoretical training and conventional service learning.”

Incredible effort from the Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia teams.

Employee spotlight with Tom Mitchell, Divisional Director (UK)

Tom Mitchell has been promoted to Divisional Director (UK) at Logi-tek. Tom manages the UK team and holds overall responsibility for the bidding process, market expansion, learning & development, and forecasting.

We found out a bit more about Tom and his career journey, which has led to this new position.

Tom, Congratulations on your promotion; it’s been a rewarding five years for you at Logi-tek; describe your journey in 3 words?

• Passionate
• Encouraging (no idea is too small, anything is possible)
• Innovative

Tell us three facts about yourself?

1. I am very Client-focused – the client needs to walk away with the VERY best version of what they requested. I use the analogy: “If I was building a new house and employed the best specialists from around the world, it needs to be the best house I ever lived in.
2. I am very family-oriented and love spending weekends and spare time with loved ones.
3. I am passionate about internal development and focusing on innovation.

Tell us a bit about your journey into Commissioning?

I started my career as an engineering lead in the public sector. Transitioning into the private sector, I discovered my passion for adding value to a project. I enjoyed making a difference in the industry and not just meeting tight deadlines and financial incentives.

I moved into Project management, where I worked with both the client and the main contractor. Seeing their respective visions and differentiators taught me to see the bigger picture.

On joining the commissioning management team, I was exposed to aspects of the role I loved, especially getting in the detail. I was also learning more from working alongside people immersed in design, delivery, management and closeout. These were the influencers that spoke transparently with all levels of leadership on the project.

What have been some of your proudest and most rewarding moments working at Logi-tek?

I believe individuals and structure are critical to our success as a company, so these moments will always involve people.

I have aided in developing our bidding and interviewing process; I am proud to see the project base and the team grow as a result.

Building the UK team and innovating with unique, passionate engineers/managers is very rewarding.

However, the most rewarding part of my role is identifying strengths in individuals, inspiring them to use their best assets across projects, and seeing the fantastic output.

How would you like to see Commissioning change in the next 5 years?

Commissioning is a fundamental aspect of the industry, it’s becoming more than just MEPH-focused. Commissioning managers have huge, varied backgrounds. They are Project Managers, Technical Service Managers and Designers. They can all be utilised further to add even more value to projects.

I would also like to see the boundaries of engineering pushed further and commissioning management redefined.

Technology will become an enormous part of our industry and, in line with sustainability and building greener; master systems integrations will be built into packages. Our Net Zero CX platform has been developed to support this.

Lastly, I would like Commissioning Management to become a recognised qualification. It is an ‘envelope’ understanding of many disciplines and combinations of different elements that reach across an entire project.

The potential knowledge share amongst commissioning managers is vast. Therefore, the base qualification could be a combination of factors from some widely understood and known university degrees.

Tom’s promotion is important at Logi-tek, we spoke with the leadership team to obtain their thoughts on Tom and his role at Logi-tek.

Can you describe Tom in one sentence:

Tom is highly Committed, Enthusiastic, and Energetic.

We asked, Remi Portes, Operations Director EMEA about Tom’s leadership qualities;

“Tom has been my trusted right-hand man since we started working together and I am so proud to see where he is now. With Tom, there is always some sort of “Beauty” in what he does. He knows how to bring people together and to share his passion for commissioning. Tom is a driven individual that always wanted to do more and had leadership at heart. Tom is a natural manager, able to focus on his team’s strengths to overcome any weaknesses. Well done Tom, you really deserved your promotion, and no doubt you will excel.”

Chris Dodd, Commercial Director EMEA, discussed Tom’s Key strengths;

“Tom has an impressive ability to juggle competing demands without letting anything drop. He supports colleagues at all levels and consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that his projects succeed. I’m excited by what 2021 has to offer for all of us and am sure Tom has a big part to play in our success.”

Kevin Fletcher, Managing Director EMEA, endorsed that Tom will help to shape the business going forwards.

“Tom’s promotion is recognition of the leadership role that he has taken regarding UK operations. As a business, we continue to grow and thrive in the UK and Tom’s role is central to this”

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Offloading with Rugby League Cares.

We have teamed up with Rugby League Cares who are delivering three virtual Offload ‘fixtures’ to our staff during April and May as part of our commitment to safeguarding their mental health.

Offload is a clinically designed mental wellbeing initiative that equips participants with the tools and techniques needed to build and maintain a winning mindset. Presented by a team of former professional sportsmen who share their experiences of tackling challenging situations in their own lives, Offload has had a transformational impact on the lives of thousands of men since its launch four years ago.

The issues covered include coping with stress, building resilience, and how to acquire a positive mindset.

Chris Dod, Commercial Director EMEA commented, “One of the core objectives for Logi-tek is to ensure that, in delivering the highest quality of services to our clients, our team are aware of potential mental health challenges arising in any working environment. COVID-19 has focussed many people on the need to be ever more mindful of mental health and the Offload programme delivered by Rugby League Cares allow us to encourage the team to look out for themselves, one another and the people with whom we work each day.”

Rugby League Cares’ Community and Welfare Manager Keith Senior, the ex-Leeds Rhinos and Great Britain international centre, said: “It’s been a pleasure to deliver Offload fixtures to Logi-tek staff, who have all been very receptive to the tips and advice we’ve shared so far. It’s fantastic that a progressive company such as Logi-tek recognises both the importance of protecting the mental fitness of its staff and the success of Offload and Rugby League Cares.”

Offload was recently hailed as a “model of best practice” for engaging with people on issues around mental wellbeing in a report produced by academics at Edge Hill University. The programme is currently being delivered at nine professional Rugby League clubs across the north of England, as well as a handful of leading companies including the Environment Agency, SSE, the Co-operative and Logi-tek.

For more information on Offload please visit www.rugbyleaghuecares.org/offload

If you are interested in how Offload can make your employees healthier, happier and more productive, email their Health Project Manager, Wendy Barr – wendy.barr@rlcares.org.uk

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Logi-tek & Commtech Asia are taking steps towards a better future in national walking month

We are delighted to announce that Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia will be taking steps towards a better future throughout May, raising money for charity.

As May is national walking month our teams will record every step they take, and we will donate money on their behalf. Yes, you did read that right, every single step! Whether it is walking to work, around a data centre carrying out their duties, or playing football with the kids on the weekend, it all counts.

Raising money for the great causes is of course at the forefront of this campaign. However, choosing to do this in May is no coincidence. We recognise the positive impact increasing the number of daily steps a person makes can have on their body and mindset. So, to get our team walking more is important to us and this is especially significant considering these unprecedented times.

These are just some of the reasons why you should try to work in more walking to your daily routine:

It is good for your heart; a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day is said to reduce your risk of a stroke by 27%. If this was not enough, it also reduces bad levels of cholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol too!
It can reduce the risk of; Alzheimer’s disease by 40%, breast cancer by 20%, coronary heart disease by 20%, depression by 30%, colon cancer by 40% and type 2 diabetes by 40%.
It makes you happy; a walk can be just as beneficial as taking an antidepressant and can be a great helping hand if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or feeling stressed. It can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal.

Our teams across Europe and Asia-Pacific are ready and set to go.

Go follow our brand new Twitter account

We are delighted to announce that we have joined Twitter and look forward to sharing content with the world.

Go follow us here: https://twitter.com/logitekuk

Logi-tek appointed client-sided commissioning manager on CAT A fit out in London

We are very pleased to announce our client-side Commissioning Management appointment for a German multinational financial services company. This CAT A fit-out is at one of their London sites, and our appointment is to ensure all building services systems are installed to design and global standards are achieved.  

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