Integrated Project Solutions provides an overarching platform made up of an array of service offerings. As a company our focus is entirely about adding value at every stage of a project – striving to be part of the solution, not the problem, promoting innovation, allowing our clients to succeed.

We provide market-leading skills to our clients for their programme, project, and technical management requirements. Having a can-do mindset and the ability to pivot to ever-changing needs, whilst having the satisfaction of providing the solutions to our clients’ challenges, is what drives our teams.

We recognise that our clients want to get the most value from their financial investments and we are right behind them. By completely immersing ourselves from the very beginning we can understand their vision, enabling us to effectively plan the delivery – our client’s vision is our goal.

We have built our reputation based on our effectiveness and positive business relationships. Fulfilling each role, we always emphasise on our core skills –transparency, flexibility and passion for hands-on project delivery.