Logi-tek (UK) support Rise Futures with a “gift of opportunity”

We are delighted to share with you that we will be supporting, UK based charity Rise Futures with their mission to help vulnerable young people reach their full potential, realise their self-worth and flourish in all that they do.

During walking month in May 2021, Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia took part in an internal charity walk, taking “steps towards a better future” to raise money for charity.

We donated £5 for every 10,000 steps taken by our team and the Rise Futures mentors throughout the entire month, which totalled £3,106. We were overwhelmed by the efforts of everyone who took part so topped this sum up to £5,880, which Rise Futures tells us is the value at which their intervention demonstrably “changes a person’s life”.

We have since been working closely with Rise Futures lead, Sarah Hunter and Rise Futures mentor Emma White who in turn have been working closely with the City of London local authority and social workers to establish the most effective and impactful way to invest the money raised. Rise Futures come up with a wonderful idea they’ve titled “gift of opportunity”, whereby a “gift” is given to the young people within the care system across the City of London on a birthday, for Christmas or just because.

Why is the “gift of opportunity” needed?

– To improve the mental health and self-worth of individuals touched by the care system.
– To encourage young people into holistic hobbies that are affordable and social.
– To prepare and teach the young person the value of giving gifts.
– To make transition of leaving the care system more bearable.
– To support young people to follow wellbeing activities.
– To share joy and care throughout our society.

Rise Mentor Emma White said, “Most children in care feel they have been forgotten. Dreams soon fade away, as they lose all hope of getting those boots to make them the next Ronaldo. The chances of owning a guitar let along having a music lesson are too slim to even consider. Birthdays and Christmas are meant to be a happy time, yet for them, it can be a time of sorrow and disappointment. No presents, no company. I think we take for granted of the power of a gift.”

We are thrilled to be partnered with the incredible mentors at Rise Futures on this campaign and are humbled by the impact they anticipate the “gift of opportunity” having.

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