Respecting privacy, safeguarding data, enabling trust.

Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia respect our employees, supply chain and client’s privacy, safeguarding their data, enabling trust.

We are registered champions of #DataPrivacyWeek. As a champion, we recognise and support the principle that all organisations share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information.

Logi-tek (UK) and Commtech Asia have operated within industries with high professional standards, where client confidentiality is as supremely important as it is to doctors, lawyers and accountants. This is instilled within our workforce from induction and throughout their continued employment within the group.

This is embedded in our Company Policies and procedures which include;

• Confidentiality clauses
• Mandatory employee Confidentiality Culture and Anti-bribery training
• Local independent operation networks
• Firewall protection
• Two-factor authentications
• Personalised login credentials
• Endpoint Security Tools
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Onboarding and offboarding access management

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