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    Contractor side Commissioning Manager (CxC)

    Square Foot



    48 weeks

    Image by B MilnesCC BY 3.0

Delivered the final quadrant of the existing on-site data centre and upgraded power supply resilience

Wellcome carries out cutting-edge research into human and animal health, and this scheme provides additional computing power and enhanced network resilience for Wellcome’s international scientific community working at the forefront of life science research. The project delivered the final quadrant of the existing on-site datacentre, constructing a new 1.2 MW mixing high density and low-density rack facility, with associated mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Hybrid air coolers were also installed on the roof to enhance the sustainable footprint of the datacentre. As the Wellcome Genome Campus’s demand for increasing computing power rises, this additional capacity is vital to assist research and development (R&D) operations. The second element of the project provided greater power supply resilience to the Campus’s core infrastructure. The installation included a series of diesel rotary uninterruptible power supply units (DRUPS) to provide secure and stable power to the datacentre, as well as new high voltage (HV) infrastructure across the campus.

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