• Fitness Centre refurbishment


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    Canary Wharf, London




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    7 Months

Fitness centre expansion and refurbishment, including reception

This project comprised of the expansions at basement levels 2 and 3 and general refurbishment to all other areas, including the reconfiguration of the reception and the addition of staff facilities.

The entrance lift lobbies at both levels had an uplift to improve the arrival to the Fitness Centre. The reception space and link corridor was reconfigured to provide a more efficient and easily managed access and through-route. The ceilings will be removed in the reception area to create the feeling of space, and graphics applied to the walls. Two Health MOT rooms were constructed adjacent to reception, and the existing offices refurbished to include new flooring, redecoration to walls, and new lighting.

The main driver for the project was the lack of room in the changing areas supported by data provided by Sports England. For this reason the current facilities were  stripped out and refurbished entirely with an expansion into the car park space at basement level 2 by approximately 135m².

As Sports England figures also showed the gym space under the recommended space per member, to bring the gym up to the recommended space an expansion into basement level 3 was created to give approximately 95m² of additional gym space. A small mezzanine was also added at basement level 2 and the office on basement level 3 was removed to enhance the gym space provision further. The ceiling in the gym was stripped out, new ductwork installed and exposed, new lighting, and treatment to the walls.

The two studios were upgraded to include acoustic treatment of the partition wall and ceilings to improve noise transfer. A new VRV AC system, supply ductwork and controls was installed to enhance the current ventilation issues. Furthermore, redecoration of the walls, new lighting, and new flooring was installed.

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