Project Management is one of Logi-tek’s core services and as a company our focus is entirely about adding value at every stage of the project – striving to be part of the solution not the problem, promoting innovation allowing our clients to succeed

We recognise that our clients want to get the most value from their financial investments and we are right behind them. By completely immersing ourselves from the very beginning we can wholly understand their vision, enabling us to effectively plan the delivery – our client’s vision is our goal.

Time, cost and quality are the three fundamentals and our project leaders proactively manage the scope to avoid exposing these key factors. A project wouldn’t be a project without ‘issues’, unfortunately it is inevitable. However, we work on behalf of our clients utilising our innovative communication processes and procedures to evaluate, examine and control real and anticipated issues before they escalate, managing the impact and do so by embracing complete transparency.

Simple ‘management’ is not always enough to deliver on expectations and deliverables that are constrained to a fixed timescale and budget. Our project leads collaboratively use process, procedure, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve project objectives and deliverables.